How to publish the text of papers in the conference website

Those participants who with to publish provisional versions of their papers in the web pages of the conference to be disseminated before the conference can do so according to the following instructions. IMPORTANT: This publication includes exclusively the texts of papers, not the Power Point presentations that participants may use in their oral interventions in their respective sessions. Power Point presentations shall not be published in the conference web pages; they will just be delivered in person, at the technical secretariat of the conference in the Palacio de Congresos of Cordoba, at least one hour before the beginning of the relevant session.

Instructions to send the texts of papers:

  1. Nobody must feel compelled to send a written text of his/her paper. It is just a possibility that is open to participants.

  2. Those who wish to send a written text must do it necessarily before 10 September at 14 hours (CET), to this email address:

  3. Texts that have been sent cannot be modified or replaced later.

  4. This publication in the conference web pages does not imply or condition the publication of papers in the volumes that will be published after the conference. Such subsequent publication will follow its own process and we will communicate the relevant instructions after the conference.

  5. In order to be published now in the conference website, papers will not be submitted to any selection process or peer review; we will publish what the authors send (and, as mentioned above, the can only send their papers once).

  6. The texts can be freely accessed, read and downloaded by any person visiting the conference website; access to papers will not be restricted to participants in the conference.

  7. The texts can be in any of the working languages of the conference: Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese. There is no minimal or maximal extension.

  8. These are the only rules concerning the format of papers:

    • All texts must be sent exclusively in PDF format.

    • Each paper must have, at the beginning, the title of the paper, the author’s name, and her/his institutional affiliation.

    • It is advised to include the author’s name in the name of the PDF file, to avoid mistakes.

    • It is advised to include a table of contents at the beginning.

    • The font of the main text shall be Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5. For the footnotes, the font shall be Times New Roman 10, line spacing 1.0.

    • There is no particular format for citations and bibliographical references. This is left to each author’s discretion.

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