Proposals of panels

ICLARS - 19, 20, 21 September - Córdoba 2022

1. Coordinator’s information

Member of ICLARS:

2. Panel’ information


3. Speaker’s information

Number of speakers:

Speaker’s information (1)

Member of ICLARS:

4. Panel data

Preferred days for presentation:
When appropriate, choose the days in which the panel could not be held:
Use of audio-visual support:
Language or languages of panel:

5. Publication

Please, if you plan to publish your paper, choose one of the following options:

  • You will take care of the publication by your own means:

  • You would like to be included in the selection process for publication in ICLARS sources:

6. Funding and sponsors

If appropriate, name the institution, public or private, that sponsors or funds your panel:

If you would like your sponsor to be mentioned in the web pages of the conference, please provide the relevant logo here:

7. Other remarks or comments

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