I have authority to and do hereby give permission for the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (“ICLARS”) and other organizers and sponsoring organizations of the Sixth ICLARS Conference held at the Palace of Congresses of Córdoba (Spain) from September 7-9, 2020 to publish any written, audio, photographic, or video copies of my presentation(s), interview(s), or other activities during the Sixth ICLARS Conference, in any manner, including publication on or to websites of these organizations, television, video, or audio programming, promotional materials, translations, or any other written, video, audio, photographic, or other format. I also consent to the inclusion of a short biographical passage and my picture and other references to me in the program and promotional material regarding the conference. I also consent to share my email contact data with the other participants in the conference. I represent that no portion of my written, audio, video, photographic, or other presentation(s) or communications made as part of the Forum are subject to any copyright, treaty, or legal restrictions, in any country, the use of which would subject the foregoing parties, or any of their affiliated entities or organizations to liability.